All cars can be digitized

All cars with an FM radio will need an upgrade to DAB. Some will replace the radio, but most are expected to get an adapter that will ensure a DAB experience in an analogue radio.


Norway has among Europe’s oldest cars, with an average age of 10 years. To upgrade the radio system is a natural choice for owners of older cars, and to use a DAB adapter is often the best solution. Such an adapter will receive digital signals and redistribute them to the old FM radio.

There are many DAB adapters on the market, both hidden and inexpensive ones. Some models can easily be installed by the man on the street while others require professional installation. There are DAB adapters available for every make and model. Car dealers and car audio shops can help you with detailed information.

New radio

Another possibility is to replace the entire radio with one of many DAB models on the market. It is important to also ensure that the antenna is DAB compatible, to replace it may be the best option to ensure a good signal. FM and DAB use different frequencies, and different kinds of antennas.

New car

Most cars that are sold in Norway now come with DAB as a standard or as an option. Do ask for a car with a DAB+ radio to ensure a future proof car. Our overview of car makes and models with DAB is updated regularly. There are 2.6 million cars and 800,000 professional vehicles in Norway. 20% of cars do already have DAB installed.