Norwegian radio goes digital only. Watch the worlds first FM switch off.

Wednesday the 11th of january at 11:11:11 the world had its first FM switch off.


Yes, its time for The Worlds First FM Switch off.

Throughout 2017 Norwegian radio turns digital only. As the first region switches off FM the 11th of January, all eyes and ears turns to the arctic city of Bodø.

On Tuesday the 10th, and Digitalradio Norge are hosting a 2,5-hour conference packed with short, trimmed and to-the-point presentations. If you are not joining us in Bodø you can watch our web broadcast to get the the story of the Norwegian digitization of radio and the status of digital radio and DAB around the world.
The 11th @ 11:11:11 we move to digital only as FM transmitions for Nordland shuts down. The official switchover event will take place at the Stormen Library.

Tuesday 10th. January
Radios Digital Leap – the 2,5 hour conference.
Location: Radisson Blu, Bodø

15:00 Part 1: Yes, it’s really happening.
Presentations in Norwegian. Moderated by Jon Branæs


  • The Norwegian journey to digital radio. Ole Jørgen Torvmark, Digital Radio Norway; Hans Petter Danielsen, P4; Øyvind Vasaasen, NRK. Interview by Jon Branes
  • Views from the regulator, Line Langnes, The Norwegian Media Authority.
  • Broadcasters Bauer, P4 and NRK on their actions to grow digital.
    Presentations by:
    Marius Lillelien NRK,
    Kristoffer Vangen, Bauer Media
    Kenneth Andresen P4
  • Securing the business and advertisers.
    Presentations by:
    Birgitte Løvaas, P4.
    Bjarte Øgrey, Bauer.
  • Thoughts from the car industry by Harald A Møller AS
    (Importer of SKODA, AUDI, Volkswagen)
    Lars Thomas Eriksen
    Anita Svanes
  • Coverage vs. Reception.
    Petter Hox, NRK.
  • Informing and engaging the public.
    Tommy Gaustad, Digitalradio Norway.
  • The reach of radio and how it will continue,
    Knut-Arne Futsæter, TNS Kantar
    Some of the presentations above will be held in Norwegian. They will be translated simultaneously to English.
16:15 Part 2: But no other countries go DAB. Or do they?
(Moderated by Gunnar Garfors, NRK and IDAG)
  • Why DAB in…
    Why DAB in the UK. Ford Ennals, DRUK.
    Waarom DAB in het Nederland. Jaqueline Bierhorst, Digital Radio Netherlands
    Pourquoi DAB en France. Matthieu Beauval, Radio France
    Why DAB “Down Under”. Joan Warner, Commercial Radio Australia.
  • Device wise.
    Why DAB reception still is an issue in cars and mobiles. Ronald Haanstra, IDAG; Harald Kristiansen, TT Micro; Jasper Wybrants
  • The next country to switch off FM is…
    Switzerland is next in line for a digital switchover. How and when?Niklaus Kühne, Head of Technical Communications, Swiss National Broadcasting Corp.
    René Wehrlin, Federal Office of Communication, OFCOM Switzerland.
  •  And let us not forget these countries.
    What about DAB in big Germany, little Scandinavia and the rest of Europe

    Patrick Hannon, World DAB
    Gustav Lutzhøft, radiochef DR

17:15 Wrap up and questions to all the speakers. 
Wedensday 11th January
The Official Switchover Event
Stormen Library
09:30 Registration & coffee 
10:00 Official switchover event starts at Stormen Library. Live broadcast on and with english commentaries at our website
11:11:11 The worlds first FM switch off
11:20 – 13:00 Light lunch and press interviews. All speakers and representatives from broadcasters are available for the press.
Please note that program changes may occur. Any questions with regards to the conference? Please get in touch with our event organizer, Tommy Gaustad –